Welcome to God's House

Capital Temple Ministries, A Place of Refreshing

Here, faith, community, and purpose converge to create a vibrant Christian family right here in Landover, MD. As you explore our story, beliefs, leadership, and ministries, you’ll find a place where you and your family can grow, connect, and thrive in the Christian faith.

Our Rich History: A Testimony of Faithfulness

Our journey as a church is a tapestry of faith, woven with stories of triumph, perseverance, and unwavering commitment to God’s word. Since 1987, we have welcomed imperfect individuals and families, taught them about the word of God and His laws, and created disciples for Christ. Explore our history to discover the foundation upon which we stand today.

Meet Our Pastors: Guiding with Love and Vision

At Capital Temple, we are incredibly blessed to be under the nurturing care of Pastors Danny and Jayme McCrimmon. Since 1996, they have lovingly shepherded our congregation, providing spiritual guidance and fostered a community rooted in faith, love, and purpose.

With over two decades of pastoral leadership, Pastors Danny and Jayme have left an indelible mark on our ministry. Their unwavering commitment to God’s word and their deep love for our congregation have enhanced every aspect of our church life. Under their guidance, our community has grown, both in numbers and in the strength of our faith.

Ministries for All: Serving and Growing Together

At Capital Temple, we are more than just a congregation; we are a family with a place for followers of Christ who are looking to grow, connect and love. Explore our ministries, including our vibrant youth, couples, outreach, men’s, and women’s ministries, created and developed to nurture and uplift every member of your family.

Affirmation of Faith: Our Core Beliefs

Our beliefs are the cornerstone of who we are. Dive into our Affirmation of Faith to discover our convictions about salvation, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, sanctification, the Bible, and repentance.

As a Christian family in Landover, MD, we invite you to explore our church, delve into our beliefs, and connect with us. We are a Bible-led, loving, and vibrant faith community where you and your family can find your spiritual home. Join us on this remarkable journey of faith, growth, and community.